After Action Report


The After Action Report is used in #database:reports to provide narrative descriptions of what happened on a mission.


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<!-- Security Level Color Codes

[color=#1ED618]Level 1[/color]
[color=#8EEA24]Level 2[/color]
[color=#F6CB26]Level 3[/color]
[color=#E56513]Level 4[/color]
[color=#D40000]Level 5[/color] 

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Stardate (xxxxx.x)  | security-level | RANK NAME POST



[color=#fdd459]Location:[/color] Solar System

[color=#fdd459]Mission Briefing:[/color] What was the intended goal of the mission?

[color=#fdd459]Mission Summary:[/color] In one or two sentences, what actually occurred?

# Involved Vessels
Provide details of the involved ships 
Factions are any formally declared power. When not known, "UNKNOWN" is appropriate

Vessel | Faction
USS Brahe  | Starfleet

# Involved Personnel

Can include links to profiles if desired. Standard practice is to list in descending order by rank, then alphabetical by surname/cultural equivalent.
List ALL characters who participated, notable NPCs can be included

Rank | Name | Station
RANK | Name | Duty Station
RANK | Name | Duty Station
RANK | Name | Duty Station

# Mission Outcome
 Write the full narrative here, from your character's perspective. Please limit this to knowledge your character would ICly have.

# Recommendation
Any IC recommendations your character might have about the mission or for future missions

# Recognition
A place for officers or report authors to recognize good work of specific individuals on the mission. This category may be used when determining awards and medals during ceremonies.

*[size=2][Report Security Clearance Guide]([/size]*