Come Explore the Stars!

The recruitment process is fairly simple, but before we get into that let’s make sure we’re a good fit for you. There are a lot of Star Trek role-playing groups in the wild. Let’s go over what you can expect on the Brahe:

  • a mix of silly and serious role play
  • stories about interpersonal and space exploration
  • slice of life and casual role-play
  • a friendly, casual, and progressive player base
  • regular events; about weekly, though we sometimes take breaks
  • an opportunity to tell your own stories: players are given the opportunity to submit and even GM their own stories on Brahe

The Process

Still interested? Here’s the process:

Pretty straight forward! Once the Staff has an opportunity to review the initial interview, you’ll be given next steps.

Limitations & Expectations

Brahe focuses on a single starship serving in Starfleet. As such, some positions are limited or not available. Senior Officer positions are typically withheld for more senior members who have demonstrated a commitment and attention to the Brahe story. That being said: an effort to include as many players as possible for any given story is always made. There’s a lot of opportunity for character growth in the lower ranks.

Ultimately, your experience with Brahe is what you make of it: players who role-play often typically get called on for more role-play. This doesn’t mean that a player needs to be on call 24/7 to advance with us. It means that a player who regularly turns up to events, communicates well, and is an active member of the community is more likely to see invitations for more role-play.

Finally, there are lots of opportunities to provide meaningful content outside of role-play. The #database category (and its subcategories) exist to be filled with species, solar systems, anomalies, and stories. And our players love to read new content at every opportunity.

We hope you’ll join us!

Until then take care, drink tea, and get lots of sleep.
~ Zaliel