Seran -Fabri- Djantis

Seran -Fabri- Djantis

Character Name, c. 2421

Rank Position Service #
Major Chief Engineer, USS Brahe 27-43Haht.595+Rav


Species Pronouns Date of Birth Place of Birth
Sjendari He/Him 6401.4 (2329-05-27) Saytisjek, Saytisjin
Height Weight Hair Eye
1.8m 85kg Brown Green

Astra Service Milestones

2378 Accepted into Astral Flight Services Training, Enlisted into Flight Technician Grade 2 (FT2)
2380 Transferred to Sky Mount Fortress Command, Flight Technician Grade 3 (FT3)
2381 Fast tracked into Flight Sergeant (FS1) for training on Subspace Fold Cluster Maintenance School (Star Dance Academy for Interstellar Travel Technology)
2384 Access granted to CSF-36 ‘Sumalta 5’ Flare Mind for diagnostic rundown, Sumalta immediately flags Seran for potential as a Flare Speaker.
2385 Admitted to Officer Training Academy for Star Flare Engineering Specialty, graduates as Front Lieutenant (LT-F) with credit from Enlisted service time.
2389 Promoted to Lieutenant Captain (LCPT) and reassigned for Constellate Diaspora Project under the command of the 47th Astral Expeditionary Recon Force. Medical sensitivity to Light Nectar 5 injections discovered, given special dispensation for solar tanking despite being junior officer grade.
2392 Is on duty for emergency trans-light fold to the Lordris star zone along with seven other Astra task forces in what would later be called the ‘Lordria Shock’ incident. Obtains green electrical scarring on his face at this time due to engine cycling malfunction while neural lace was in link with a Flare group.
2397 Accepts new assignment following after a Creche-mate and close friend relocating to the 15th Long Distance Emigration Constellation, home to the Constellate nation of Bamat. Reassigned as one of the 15th Constellation’s on duty Flare Speaker for star craft on inactive duty rotation for maintenance cycle with promotion to full Captain (CPT). Goes on record as “Babysitter for the Dead.” Supposedly this title stuck for at least 3 revs because the Flare minds wouldn’t let the joke go.
2401 Starts working on side project to normal duties to assist CPT Lunda Fastol when the latter begins focusing on raising his adolescent daughter. Flare mind ‘Zaytrin 3’ makes a quip that his babysitting duties gave Seran enough time to double dip.
2407 Upon Lunda’s recommendation, is permanently assigned to The Active Defense Unit of the 15th’s First Wing, dubbed the “Prince Unit” after its commander Colonel Remant Silantis, aka the current Viskesjierad known colloquially as the “War Prince.”
2412 The Maltasi Incident occurs 3 parsecs out of Fahrenzor, the current host star zone for Bamat. Is present at the resulting memorial for Major Lunda (postadiously promoted) and becomes the official guardian of Lunda’s daughter Ziata Edalun. Seran accepts bonding and assignment with the Star Flare sparked from Lunda’s shade, becoming Astral partners to newly woken ‘Parten 12’.
2417 Seran and Parten 12 participate in a training operation called Gestalt Porting where drills are run based on Flare Minds being tested on how quickly they and their handlers can acclimatize to new spacecraft in event of emergency hot swaps. Record states when Parten 12 was installed into CSF-950-Qan, the Command Ship of Colonel Remant, they declared themselves the Royal Specter and requested the Constellation bow to their luminescence. Seran claims this was the gestalt’s attempt at a bad joke. Record cites Luminary Attaché Marita Selirem assisted in talking Parten 12 down through Seran as Speaker.
2420 On sortie with his Flight on the star flare CSF-965, now Major (MAJ) Seran and Parten 12 along with 10 other crew on the spacecraft fun afoul of an unmapped subspace fold fault during superluminal transit that cripples the spacecraft. Crew spends 4 weeks on triaging the vehicle and themselves until a rescue unit can find them. A final emergency sanction to avoid excess loss of life forces Parten 12 to sacrifice their gestalt consciousness in order to bring the vehicle back into dimensional sync so the rescue group can find them. A rushed procedure causes Seran extreme mental distress.
2421 Seran is moved to long term light duty as part of his recovery from the fold fault incident. Though labeled, with respect, as a ‘Tainted Flare’ he uses the time to focus on Ziata. Colonel Remant has Marita Selirem focus on assisting Seran for officially unspecified reasons. The Bamat Flare Consortium states they find this move ‘sus’ which is a term they learned from a Federation Subnet.
2423 With growing concern on the future of Seran’s military career, and Colonel Remant looking to help with a request from Kesjierin Seliya Akaela for exchange service with Federation Starflet after the reopening of official diplomatic ties following a nearly 50 year gap in relations, Seran accepts a role in a Foreign Officer Exchange program where he is assigned as a chief engineer on a Starfleet ship to learn their methodology and bring his own insights into their operations.

Biographical Highlights

Seran was born on Saytisjek to Djanos Falsin and Tisana Kormiq, making him a unique legacy as Tisana is descended from old Starlight Constellate nobility where Djanos’ heritage can be traced back in Saytisjek all the way to the Liberty States Alliance. Though he’s far from the first child to have ancestry from both sides of the Great Unity Wars, it gained him a certain amount of attention growing up in his creche community. This may have led to his decision to adopt the personal name of Fabri, which is a play on the phrase “Zen mit al-Fabri sozan” loosely meaning “The sparks of the future are grown from healed wounds.” He’s also a bit notorious for saying he liked the way girls said it sheepishly when he gave them permission.

Following his Creche stage under his father’s care Seran entered mentorship under a program that paired him with three mentors in his young adult life from that gave him experience in a variety of life paths including public service, academia, over world expeditionary work (which most youths always selected in the hopes of learning about Dragon Chasers, but Seran was more interested in the Sky Bikes), and Astral Engineering. By the end of the 2350s he was shown to have an aptitude in technology, both nano-mechanical computer systems and vehicle engine operation and maintenance. Fittingly following that he spent the next phase of his life in a store front renting Zip Craft and repairing customer owned vehicles. He eventually moved into enhanced customization with his computer skills.

Following the fallout with the Federation in the 2370s and the Constellate refocusing on it’s own growth beyond the scope of alien diplomatic scaffolding (as the political ads liked to call it) there was a dramatic shift in interest in Kesjierin Seliya’s new pet project: The Second Great Diaspora, The initiative would be the biggest emigration and colonization effort past Saytisjin and Satisjnal since the end of the Great War. Though many were skeptical of the Starlight Council’s ability to make the project work (and the public was well aware of the Council’s annoyance with Seliya’s public popularity due to her projects) the support by several high ranking officals including Supreme Commander Jalian Magnus, the Diaspora was effectively inevitable. Seran decided he had to be involved in some way, and the fastest way for someone with his experience level and skills to get beyond the confines of his home star zone was to join the Astral Forces.

In his time as an Enlisted service member working on engine maintenance a Flare gestalt on a craft he was working with did a cursory examination of Seran and determined he has a unique quality seen in only 20% of the population: his mind was capable of direct neural connection and communication with Flare gestalt consciousnesses, which typically relied on secondary communication through more limited computer systems to interact with living crew. Seran, with proper training, could interface and speak directly however. This marked him as a Flare Speaker, which fast tracked him on a course to an Officer career in the Astra and becoming a proper Engineer.

The most significant events in his life would be in his officer career, including working alongside his childhood friend from his creche back home, Lunda, as well as becoming something of an uncle to Lunda’s daughter Ziata. This led to him fully adopting Ziata as his daughter following Lunda’s untimely death in the line of duty, a decision he will say was one of the quickest and easiest choices he ever made in his life. When Lunda’s synaptic recording was used to spark a new Flare gestalt, Seran chose to be partner bonded to the mind that would eventually go by the pseudonym Parten 12 (who is on record telling spacecraft crews that the number is part of his full name and it will not be abbreviated, despite many Flare’s doing just that commonly). The bonding process was a special connection Flare Speakers can undergo that makes their connection to a Flare mind as close as family. While Parten 12 was based on Lunda’s Shade (a copy of the living brain made in case of death) like all Flare’s they had none of the memories from the past life. This did not stop Parten 12 and Seran from getting along as well as Seran and Lunda did and contributed to some of the best work in Seran’s military career, despite a tendency for Parten 12 to be a bit eccentric in some duties (see the Gestalt Porting incident in Milestones).

After an accident forced Parten 12 to sacrifice it’s existance to save Seran and their fellow crew, the sudden loss of a bonded Flare gestalt acted like a part of Seran’s own mind got ripped out of his head, leading to a long recovery time. During this time he was able to spend more time with Ziata which helped improved his mood. Also in this time he became closer with Marita Selirem, the daughter of his commanding officer whom he’d gotten to know through his work as she often acted as a part time military attaché and was assisting him due to her expertise in dealing with Flares and Speakers (Seran often joked that Marita had at least three jobs and only one vague title to explain them, perhaps because she was famous for being the daughter of the Kesjierin and wanted to avoid scrutiny). Though there is some debate on how serious it is, it is generally accepted that the connection between Seran and Marita is, on some level, romantic.

Seran faces a new phase of his life starting with becoming an exchange engineering officer working on the Starfleet ship U.S.S. Brahe. Unlike Starfleet’s only other notable Sjendari, Tala Akaela, Seran has had next to no involvement or contact with the Federation prior to this assignment. So while he brings new ideas and experience; he also has a lot of adaptation to deal with and while the culture on Bamat, or of Sjendari in general, would consider him to be mild mannered his views and personality to a Federation ship can easily come off strange and harsh.

Immediate Family

Relation Name Occupation Notes
Maternal Tisana Kormiq Florist Has Noble ancestry, not that such things matter these days
Paternal Djanos Falsin Solar Mirror Technician Technically an Auton (descended from Autonomously governed survivors of the defunct Liberty States)
Creche Brother Lunda Fastol Astra Major Deceased
Daughter Ziata Edalun Apprentice Adopted by Seran following Lunda’s death

Medical Status

Physical Health Assessment
Status OK for active duty
Date of Last Evaluation 2423
Evaluator File sent and translated from Office of Astral Medicine, no Doctor name listed
Mental Health Assessment
Status OK for active duty
Date of Last Evaluation 2423
Evaluator File sent and translated from Office of Astral Medicine, no Doctor name listed
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