Story Overview


Brahe is the story of the USS Brahe, a small exploration vessel used by Starfleet to explore the galaxy. The story consists of multiple players role-playing together, mostly via our Discord server. Events are held about weekly with a focus on exploration, while ongoing individual role-plays happen all the time.

The frequency of RP is based on the individual commitment: real life always comes first!


The story takes place in real-time with 400 years added to the year. Historically, this was to align with the Star Trek: Online story in which this incarnation of the Brahe was first introduced; however, with the departure from STO, the +400 year rule was kept to avoid collision with ongoing Star Trek stories such as Lower Decks, Picard, and Prodigy. The extra 20 years hopefully provides a buffer that lets us better respond to unexpected changes in canon.


The story of the Brahe is tied closely with the ship of the same name. Ultimately, each individual character story is just as important as the overarching plot. Whether it is Lauren’s imposter syndrome or Tri’a’s struggle to find her place, they day-to-day lives make up the bulk of the role-play found on the Brahe.