SUBJ: I’m Home! | TO: CMDR Theisman, Tom | FROM: LT Webber, Amanda

UFP Brahe
TO CMDR Theisman, Tom (@Thiesman)
FROM LT Weber, Amanda

Hey Tom!
My shuttle landed the other day–late, though I guess by the time you get this letter it would have been a few days ago. The last few weeks of travel were pretty boring, so there isn’t much to talk about.

I managed to catch a ride with a few ships; one of them was an Akira. Have you ever been in one of their launch bays? It was nuts. They were running a bunch of drills a and formation flying. I tried to take some pictures for you, but some dick LCDR confiscated my PADD!

All my plants were dead when I got in. Weep for my poor Adiantum raddianum. It had a good run.

I’ll probably be back in the office by the time you get this. I’ll be keeping an eye out for reports from the Brahe. Give Z, Kass, and the rest of the team my love.

Lieutenant Amanda Weber
Manager, Scientific Intake & Analysis
Starfleet Command
San Francisco, Earth, Sol