SUBJ: THEY MADE ME AN AMABASSADOR! | To: LCDR Vance, Kassandra | From: AMB Abrams, Stanley

UFP Brahe
TO LCDR Vance, Kassandra (@Vance)
FROM AMB Abrams, Stanley

Commander Vance,
It’s been a while since we last spoke. Since then, I’ve been on Vrk’mz, enjoying the hospitality of President Nah’halah. That being said, they didn’t really get along with the Fresno’s teams. When Captain Anderson met with Nah’halah, he said something about the Kit reminding him of a “dog”–which happened to translate as a slur for males. She was furious. Ritika practically had to pull her down from the ceiling.

I was able to smooth things over and the mission was an otherwise qualified success. Subspace communication between the Kit and Federation are up and running. Nah’halah made a request to Command for me lead our cross-cultural efforts, so they made me an Ambassador!

I have a lovely apartment overlooking the Burrow and, on clear nights, I can see the lights of the K’mnzi estate. I’ve attached a picture–maybe Parsa and Tri’a would like to see it?

There’s so much to tell you: the dissolution of the Den Mothers as a political institution is probably the biggest one. All of their power has been moved under the elected branch of government. There still isn’t a Grand Matriarch. According to tradition, a new one can only be granted if the present one is diseased. With B’da K’mnzi still alive and in Federation custody, there’s a lot of uncertainty within the Den Mothers–those who were not removed / imprisoned, that is–if their organization will even survive this upheaval.

I saw Jara K’mnzi and Marsek the other day. They’ve been busy, as well, but the Matron keeps things pretty close to heart. I know the K’mnzi House has been spending an obscene amount of wealth on uplifting males, but suffice it to say, I only know what she (or the newspapers) tell me.

Monsoon season is here. I didn’t know this, but work crews route the rainwater that collects on the surface through those big light / air holes in the Burrow. The water then falls into underground reservoirs where the sun can’t instantly evaporate it. You should see the kits chase the spray; they run through the streets screaming and playing. It’s quite a sight.

I don’t know how long this assignment will last, but I’m quite happy here. I’m finally getting the hang of their food: kalamba is this spicy burrito that’s out to kill you. Absolutely amazing. That being said, I try not to think about the cricket legs and other crunchy bits. But you hardly notice over the feeling that your face is going to melt.

There’s so much news, really. Let me know if you have any questions. Diplomatic channels are also open, so (in theory), you can reach the Kit anytime. Let the others know they can contact their families; the entire population is in the directory, now. I have to get to a meeting–I attached a bunch of videos and pictures.

Ambassador Stanley Abrams
Federation Diplomatic Corps
Federation Embassy, Rhak’t, Vrk’mz, Dlgra’dip’q (Great Burrow)


File Description
new_apartment.vid a short video detailing Stanley’s new apartment, located several stories high along the larger pillars in the Burrow; he describes how the engineers needed to take the apartment out above him so he doesn’t have to duck
kmnzi_house.png an telescopic image of the K’mnzi house from Stanley’s apartment
nahalah_anderson_fiasco.png a picture of a very red-faced Starfleet Captain as President Nah’halah points an angry finger at him. Despite being much shorter, the Kit President seems to tower over the Human Captain. Ritika stands beside the President, a hand outreached toward her
monsoon_waterfall.vid a short street-level video of kit playing loudly as the water pours into the Burrow a safe distance away. The children run and scream, throwing each other into the spray or standing with their mouths open to catch the water
jara_marsek_kmnzi_meeting.png a picture of Jara and Marsek K’mnzi standing side-by-side in a meeting room, their tails entwined as they hold hands
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