Teliv, c. 2423

Rank Position Service #
Lieutenant Commander Chief Medical Officer, USS Brahe VT4-285-499G-TTA


Species Pronouns Date of Birth Place of Birth
Vulcan He/Him 16357.4 (2339-05-11) Vulcana Regar, Vulcan, Vulcan System
Height Weight Hair Eye
1.73m 62 kg Black Brown

Immediate Family

Relation Name Occupation Notes
Paternal Venok Physician
Maternal T’Hara Civil Servant
Spouse P’Rula Archivist
Offspring V’lan n/a Age 13
Offspring Sovel n/a Age 6

Career Milestones

Year Milestone
2363 Graduated Starfleet Academy, Medical Track, at the rank of Lieutenant (Junior Grade). Assigned to U.S.S. Goddard (Korolev Class, NCC-59621) as a medic.
2366 Promoted to Lieutenant.
2369 Awarded Starfleet Surgeons Decoration for his role in combatting an outbreak of Terrellian plague on Boradis III.
2372 Transferred to USS Hornet (Renaissance Class, NCC-45231) as a general physician and surgeon.
2375 Awarded Starfleet Bronze Star and Starfleet Decoration for Gallantry for his conduct during the Dominion War; also promoted to Lieutenant Commander. Resigned his commission at the end of the War.
2380 Enlisted with the Vulcan Expeditionary Group after five years as a surgeon in a hospital in ShiKahr. Assigned to the Suurok-class cruiser Ti’Nat as part of its medical staff.
2415 Suffered near-fatal injury in System 8993.2; returned to Vulcan for treatment and rehabilitation.
2416 Official medical discharge from the Vulcan Expeditionary Group.
2420 Re-enlisted with Starfleet at previous rank. Returned to Starfleet Academy for updated training.
2422 Completed updated training. Assigned to USS Zheng He (Inquiry Class, NCC-86505) as assistant surgeon.
2423 Transferred to USS Brahe as Chief Medical Officer.

Biographical Highlights

Teliv has had a long career as a physician and surgeon in two different space services; Starfleet and the Vulcan Expeditionary Group. His first Starfleet tour of duty was borne out of a sense of curiosity about the universe beyond Vulcan and a desire to test his understanding of Surak’s disciplines in the “crucible of emotional races.” Although he served with distinction, his participation in the Dominion War caused him to question his place in Starfleet and ultimately to leave it. He returned to Vulcan, underwent the Kohlinar to purge the emotions riled by the war, and went on to work in a hospital in ShiKahr for some years before deciding to return to space, this time with the Vulcan Expeditionary Group.

Teliv spent over thirty years in the VEG, serving on the cruiser Ti’Nat for the entire time, with the occasional planetside leave on Vulcan. During one of these leaves, he met and married an archivist, P’Rula, and started a family. The marriage, not being arranged, caused some stir among relatives, but both Teliv and P’Rula were able to logically defend their decision.

Despite serving with distinction for decades, his career in the Expeditionary Group ended in disaster. On what should have been a routine survey on a Class L planet in System 8993.2, a ground team was injured due to a severe quake. Teliv was sent down to provide medical aid, but he and the ground team were quickly overwhelmed when an aftershock released a subsurface pocket of craylon gas laced with invidium. The resulting toxic mixture, combined with the emergency transport back to the Ti’Nat, severely disrupted muscle tissue and weakened bones in those exposed. The Ti’Nat’s medical staff was able to save the lives of the ground team and Teliv, but all were unable to walk or manipulate objects without risking injury. Conventional treatments for restoring muscle mass and bone density failed, and Teliv was discharged from service for medical reasons, returning to Vulcan.

Although treatment has restored Teliv’s ability to walk, he cannot do so without aid; an exoskeleton assists him in all physical activity. In addition, Vulcan’s higher gravity has proven to be an extra burden on him, even with the exoskeletal aid. Teliv remained on Vulcan for a few years before deciding to return to Starfleet, where the gravity levels would be a little more comfortable, while still allowing him to pursue his goal of exploring space. After a period of retraining, Teliv returned to duty with his former rank, and spent an additional year serving as an assistant surgeon aboard the USS Zheng He. Personality friction with the Zheng He’s CMO led to a request for transfer, and given Teliv’s extensive experience and the sudden opening up of a position on the USS Brahe, Starfleet granted the transfer, with the increased responsibilities of a Chief Medical Officer’s position.

Teliv’s interactions with others remain professional and courteous, as befitting most Vulcans, though those who get to know him will find a marked lack of the typical arrogance many Vulcans might exhibit when dealing with “more emotional races”. His dedication to the teachings of Surak and the Disciplines, coupled with his decades of experience, have become the solid rock upon which his life stands, and the basis for his acceptance of other ways of being. He remains honest to the point of bluntness at times, and adheres to the physicians creed of aiding all who seek his help without judgement. In his off-hours, he meditates, and plays Kal-toh.

Medical Status

Physical Health Assessment
Status OK for active duty
Date of Last Evaluation 2423
Evaluator Dr. Yevren Drex, Starfleet Medical, San Francisco, Earth
Notes Patient is advised to avoid high-gravity environments or direct combat situations due to his physical condition. Motor control and reasoning abilities remain sharp for a Vulcan of his age.
Mental Health Assessment
Status OK for active duty
Date of Last Evaluation 2423
Evaluator Counselor Dainor Tadomm, Starfleet Medical, San Francisco, Earth

Star Trek Adventures Character Sheet

Control 12 Fitness 8 Presence 8
Daring 7 Insight 10 Reason 11
Command 2 Security 1 Science 3
Conn 3 Engineering 1 Medicine 5
Focuses (Max. 6)
Pathology Infectious Diseases Pharmacology Surgery Virology Medical Ethics
Kolinahr You have undergone the ritual journey to purge all emotion. Reduce the Difficulty of all Tasks to resist coercion, mental intrusion, pain, and other mental attacks by 2.
Mind-Meld You have undergone training in telepathic techniques that allow the melding of minds through physical contact. This will always require a Task with a Difficulty of at least 1, which can be opposed by an unwilling participant. If successful, you link minds with the participant, sharing thoughts and memories; Momentum may be spent to gain more information, or perform deeper telepathic exchanges. This link goes both ways, and it is a tiring and potentially hazardous process for you. Complications can result in pain, disorientation, or lingering emotional or behavioral difficulties.
Practice Makes Perfect Once per scene, after the character has succeeded on a Medicine Task relating to the treatment of a patient, reduce the Difficulty of the next Medicine Task relating to that patient by 1.
Veteran The character is wise and experienced, and draws upon inner reserves of willpower and determination in a more measured and considered way. Whenever the character spends a point of Determination, roll 1[D]. If an Effect is rolled, immediately regain that spent point of Determination. The character has a rank of at least Lieutenant Commander.


Values describe the attitudes, beliefs, and convictions of that character. These are not simple opinions, but the fundamental structure of the character’s morals, ethics, and behavior.

Coming up with Values can be difficult. A guide to writing them can be found in this Star Trek: Adventures Developers Blog entry. Values are discussed in detail on page 113 of the Core Rule Book.

Values Description
Logic is the Beginning of Wisdom. Teliv is a strong adherant to the teachings of Surak and the Disciplines. He trusts that logic will always deliver an answer, even if that answer takes time.
My Duty is to Heal and Help. Teliv sees life as something to be protected, regardless of what uniform that life might wear or what acts that life might have done. It is not his place to judge others.
IDIC Requires Constant Effort to Function Properly. Teliv recognizes that Fear of the Other is the greatest obstacle to peace, and that coexistence is not by any means effortless.
I Belong Among the Stars. Teliv has never been content to remain on Vulcan. He believes he can be of the best use to the universe, and to best delay the coming heat-death of same, by travelling in the universe.

Maximum Stress: 9


Weapons and other forms of attack, as well as the damage caused by hazards, have a few common traits and values that determine the specifics of how they function. The key
elements of a weapon are what type of weapon it is, its damage rating, the size of the weapon, and any Qualities it possesses that influence how it is used.

Weapons are discussed in detail on page 192 of the Core Rule Book. Additionally, you can find a table of weapons on page 193.

Name Damage Rating / Effects Type Size Qualities Cost
Type 2 Phaser 4 Ranged 1H Charge Standard Issue
Unarmed Strike 2 Knockdown Melee 1H Non-lethal -
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