t'Krediv, Vordai

t’Krediv, Vordai i-Ra’tleihfi

Vordai i-Ra’tleihfi t’Krediv, c. 2421

Rank Position Service #
erei’Riov Exchange Officer, USS Brahe R-Z468-255-0515


Species Pronouns Date of Birth Place of Birth
Romulan She/Her 62607.6 (2386-08-10) Ra’tleihfi, Ch’Rihan
Height Weight Hair Eye
1.80m 73kg Black Green

Career Milestones

2371 After the Battle of the Omarion Nebula, entered the Imperial War College.
2372 Advanced Course Internal Security
2373 Advanced Course Interrogation Techniques
2374 Advanced Course Espionage Techniques and Equipment
2376 Graduation from the Imperial War College - Enrolled in Romulan Intelligence Academy
Redacted, Level 4 Clearance Required
  • 2380 - Begins career in the Tal Shiar at the rank of Lieutenant
  • 2380 - Lieutenant Vordai was assigned to the I.R.W. Hatham
  • 2381 - I.R.W. Hatham participates in several battles against the Remans
  • 2381 - Promoted to Captain
  • 2382 - I.R.W. Hatham commended for particular loyalty and duty-driven officers
  • 2384 - Assigned to the I.R.W. Aevr
  • 2387 - Transferred to assist with disaster management after Hobus supernova
  • 2387 - Promoted to Major
  • 2388 - Received commendation for efficiency and meticulosity
  • 2390 - Assigned to the I.R.W. Arhbeu
  • 2394 - Discovered compromised security aboard the I.R.W. Arhbeu, discerned that leak was restricted to the single vessel and eliminated those responsible.
  • 2395 - In reward for efforts aboard the Arhbeu, promoted to Lieutenant Colonel.
  • 2395 - Assigned to the I.R.W. Mhr’vaat.
  • 2399 - Assigned to Listening Post RSE-4039. Prioritized focus: Cardissian space.
  • 2403 - Returned to Rator III for advanced linguistics training.
  • 2304 - Assigned to planetary security detail on Rator III.

2409 Defected to the Romulan Republic (see attached debriefing)
2410 Brought into Militia Intelligence on a provisional basis
2410 Given provisional rank of Sublieutenant
2410 Assigned to the R.W.W. Hathos
2412 Advanced to the provisional rank of Lieutenant
2414 Granted full officer status within Militia Intelligence. Promoted to Centurion.
2416 Assigned to R.R.W. Vadas
2418 Assigned to R.R.W. Saeihr, Intelligence posting
2418 Promoted to Subcommander
2419 Assigned to the R.R.W. Anarhai
2423 Reassigned to temporary status with the U.S.S. Brahe

Biographical Highlights

Centurion Vordai comes from a traditional, if modest, family. s’Krediv is known for it’s dedication to service–both of her parents were officers prior to their marriage. Her father, Lieutenant Tren, voluntarily gave up his commission when he wed Subcommander Lidrana. The couple had two children, Vordai and Veryn, eight years apart.

For all intents and purposes, the family life and childhood of Centurion Vordai seems to be completely normal. She was not marked out for particular trouble or as particularly clever. It was assumed that she would enter military service and have a satisfactory career in the tradition of her family.

However, her life changed like so many others with the Battle of the Omarion Nebula. Some weeks after the battle, the family was informed that her mother was aboard one of the vessels utterly destroyed by the Jem’Hadar.

Her fifteenth birthday was two weeks away.

Upon reaching her fifteenth birthday, Vordai immediately entered the Imperial War College. She attended throughout and applied herself in advanced course in internal security, interrogation techniques and espionage techniques and equipment. After successfully graduating from the College, she enrolled in the Romulan Intelligence Academy. Four more years of intensive study followed before she graduated.

Redacted - Level 4 Clearance Required

She began her career in the Tal Shiar as an Uhlan.

Throughout her career, she held an unremarkable, impeccable record. There were no arrests, no suspicious activities, and never once did she find herself under investigation specifically. Her psychological profile at the time suggested that she would continue to serve in the loyal and competent traditions of her family, if in a different branch.

It was with great surprise that she defected to the Romulan Republic in 2409. Official records do not show why she chose to defect. Her reasoning was unclear. After a provisional period in which her loyalty as well as her skills were tested, she was granted full status and promoted to Centurion.

Since then, she has served with distinction, including on the JSI flagship–the R.R.W. Saeihr. Promoted to Subcommander, her reputation for excellent service and nearly fanatic loyalty has increased.

She is currently assigned to exchange officer duties on the U.S.S. Brahe

Immediate Family

Relation Name Occupation Notes
Maternal Subcommander Lidrana i-Ra’tleihfi t’Krediv None Deceased
Paternal Lieutenant Tren i-Ra’tleihfi tr’Krediv None Deceased
Sibling Devlin i-Ra’tleihfi tr’Krediv Miner Mol’Rihan

Medical Status

Physical Health Assessment
Status OK for active duty
Date of Last Evaluation 2419
Evaluator Doctor Luvar tr’Dormak, R.R.W. Rhaarh CMO
Mental Health Assessment
Status UNKNOWN for active duty
Date of Last Evaluation N/A
Evaluator N/A
Audio Recording of Debriefing on Mol'Rihan

Audio Recording of Defection Debriefing
Subject: Vordai i-Ra’tleihfi t’Krediv

The recording begins with the sound of crackling static. As it clears, a faint shuffling sound of fabric upon fabric can be heard. Perhaps someone shifting in their seat. The interrogator’s voice is cold, unfriendly and unexpectedly deep.

“So, we have one Subcenturion Vordai I-Ra’tleihfi t’Krediv here. Defecting from the Romulan Star Empire to the Romulan Republic. This … interview… will serve as a debriefing.”

After a moment of silence, the cold voice begins again.

“Do we have your name correct, Vordai?”

The Subcenturion’s response is prompt, her tone full of gentle, mild amusement. Her voice is smooth, a mezzo in pitch, not too high nor particularly deep. An ordinary voice. A forgettable voice.

“Yes. I wasn’t aware we were on a first name basis, Riddor.”

“Oh, yes. We’re going to be good friends, Vordai.”

“As you say.”

“Where were you born?”

“Ra’tleihfi. Romulus.” The humor fades, leaving a tone of impatience.

“Tell us about why you joined the Tal Shiar.”

“Because I wanted revenge. The military killed my mother with their antics, but it was the Tal Shiar that ordered her there.”

“I don’t understand, you wanted revenge on the Tal Shiar so you joined them?”


“Could you clarify that?”


“And yet you’ve served… honorably… all these years.”

“I changed my mind,” she says simply. There’s the rustle of fabric on fabric again. Somone’s shifting position. The silence stretches and eventually, she continues. “I felt my loyalties to my fellow Romulans outweighed my desire for personal revenge.”

“I see.” Pause. “Why did you decide to defect to the Republic?”

“Because I was tired of grey.”

“No, really.”

“Yes, really.”

“You’re telling me that you left your career, your family–”

“My brother defected first and my parents are dead.”

“Is that why you defected? To join your brother?”


“Then answer the question.”

“All right. I defected because I was tired of yes meaning no. Of skies that were grey. Tired of the eye of the storm. Just tired.”

“And you think we’ll be better?”

“You’re certainly more idealistic. You can’t be worse.”

“Idealistic. Odd coming from a member of the Tal Shiar.”


“No such thing. Once intelligence, always intelligence.”

“then hire me.”

“Ha! As if.”

“It’s not your call, is it? You’re stuck here, doing interviews and debriefings while someone else is going to listen to this and make the decision. That’s fine. Let them listen. I, Vordai I-Ra’tleihfi t’Krediv hereby renounce my loyalty to the Tal Shiar and the Romulan Star Empire. I wish, wholeheartedly, to serve the Romulan Republic. In whatever way my skills can be of use.”

The speech is said in an impassioned tone of voice, determined and unwavering. For once, amusement, irritation, none of that matters. Every so often a thump can be heard, possibly an accompanying hit of the fist on the table that is surely there.

“Very pretty.” Slow applause. “I guess we’ll have to see if you’re being forthright with us then. Because with that little speech we can certainly blackmail you.”

“Only if I’m ashamed of it.”

“You really do have to have the last word.”

“Goodbye, Riddor.”

“…Goodbye, Vordai.”

Audio ends.

Star Trek Adventures Character Sheet


A character will typically have one or more Traits, one of which will always be the character’s Species. Traits are essentially descriptions of important parts of the character, in a single word or a short phrase.

Trait Details
Romulan Romulan physiology is not meaningfully different to that of Vulcans, and they retain the heightened physical strength of their cousins. A large percentage of Romulans exhibit a V-shaped forehead ridge not evident in Vulcans. The largest difference between the two species is that Romulans lack the telepathic discipline common to Vulcans.


Attributes embody the character’s intrinsic physical and mental capabilities, when compared across species, and the ways they prefer to approach problems.

Attributes are discussed in detail on page 95 of the Core Rule Book.

Control 8 Fitness 8 Presence 9
Daring 7 Insight 7 Reason 9


Each character is trained in six Disciplines, which encompass the broad roles that Starfleet officers are expected to be proficient within.

Disciplines are discussed in detail on page 97 of the Core Rule Book.

Command 3 Security 4 Science 1
Conn 1 Engineering 1 Medicine 2


Focuses allow a character to demonstrate talent for a narrower set of disciplines, representing specialization and the kind of expertise that comes from deeper study and practical experiences.

Focuses are discussed in detail on page 100 of the Core Rule Book.


Interrogation Hand-to-Hand Combat Intelligence Analysis
Survival First Aid Linguistics


Talents are additional benefits that a character possesses, that define areas of specialty, the advantages of their personal approach to circumstances, and other decisive abilities.

Talents are discussed in detail on page 135 of the Core Rule Book.

Talents Description
Guile and Cunning When attempting to remain hidden, go unnoticed, or pass as a Vulcan, you may spend one Momentum to increase the difficulty of enemy Tasks to detect you by one.
Swft Response Years of paranoia have encouraged you to always have a back-up plan and also heightened your responses, enabling you to swiftly enact contingencies. Your Momentum cost for taking an additional Minor Action is always 1.
Close Protection You are conditioned to espionage and treachery, expecting betrayal at all times. Whenever you attempt a Task to notice or detect an enemy or hazard, you may re-roll one d20.


Values describe the attitudes, beliefs, and convictions of that character. These are not simple opinions, but the fundamental structure of the character’s morals, ethics, and behavior.

Coming up with Values can be difficult. A guide to writing them can be found in this Star Trek: Adventures Developers Blog entry. Values are discussed in detail on page 113 of the Core Rule Book.

Values Description
Strength Comes From Within Vordai’s previous career isolated her for many years, forcing her to rely on herself.
Silence is Golden One learns much more by listening than by speaking.
Plan B Vordai is always coming up with the next solution, just in case.


Stress is the ability to respond to peril and avoid the worst of it. A character’s normal maximum Stress is equal to the total of the character’s Fitness and their Security Discipline.

Stress is discussed in detail on page 175 of the Core Rule Book.

Maximum Stress: 15


Weapons and other forms of attack, as well as the damage caused by hazards, have a few common traits and values that determine the specifics of how they function. The key
elements of a weapon are what type of weapon it is, its damage rating, the size of the weapon, and any Qualities it possesses that influence how it is used.

Weapons are discussed in detail on page 192 of the Core Rule Book. Additionally, you can find a table of weapons on page 193.

Name Challenge Dice Type Damage Rating Size Qualities Cost
Unarmed Strike ? Melee 1 Knockdown 1H Non-lethal -
Type 2 Phaser ? Ranged 3 1H Charge Standard Issue
Type 3 (Phaser Rifle) ? Charge 4 2H Accurate, Charge Opportunity 1, Escalation 2
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