TO: Derenzis, Alyx | FROM: Zaliel, Sel | SUBJ: I Saw Al

Brahe Shackleton
TO Derenzis, Alyx (@Vance)
FROM Sel. Zaliel

Hey Alyx,
I saw Al today. It was good, even if the circumstances weren’t great.

I know I don’t write as often as I should; things have been harrowing lately. You’re on my mind, I’m never sure what go write about!

Of course, I talk with our new counselor regularly, but it’s not the same. I miss your company and insight. I’m encouraged to know you’re out there, sharing in the grand work that is exploration.

If I’m a little waxing a little poetic, I blame this glass of wine—just the one, thank you. And I’m feeling nostalgic for that time when you, me, Al, Sam, and the rest were all based out of the same station. There was a lot of comfort during that time knowing I could look forward to meeting up in the lounge or one of the restaurants—I still remember how red your face got the first time we shared curry!—or the silly movies we’d watch.

Don’t get me wrong: transferring away was the right thing for my career. There was too much going on there: unruly neighbors and such a militant mentality. I’m glad to be exploring again, even if our last mission was a mess (you can look up our mission reports—if you can get the stupid clearance needed!)

Brahe Day is coming up soon. I hope you can make it, but I understand if you can’t. The incredible expanse of space is a wonder and a curse.

Anyways, it’s getting late.

With Love,

FROM CAPT A. Derenzis

Dear Zaliel,

It’s good to hear from you! My own assigments up until recently have kept me on the opposite side of the Federation, and in some cases out of communication with Starfleet, so I have been unable to keep up with news from friends and family. How is Alistair these days?

Unfortunately, I’m currently shipless; our last assignment had the Shackleton on the wrong end of a spatial anomaly. Our casualties were light, thankfully - we had no deaths - but the Shackleton herself cannot be salvaged. Starfleet has decommissioned the ship and has assigned much of my former crew to new posts, while I and my senior staff (those that stayed on) wait for my new ship. Right now, my days are mostly spent here at Starfleet Headquarters, as the requisite inquiry hearings wrap up and I have to start vetting candidates for a new first officer and chief medical officer. Dr. Hlolsh has decided to resign his commission and return to private practice on Tellar, and my previous first officer - I’m sure you remember her - has put in for transfer elsewhere. Lieutenant Commander Voyrays and Lieutenants Purbir and Mondet are staying on staff, bless them!

I expect it will still be another month before my new ship is ready for christening, and there will be the shakedown period as well. I’m afraid this means I will have to miss Brahe Day this year. Please accept my regrets as well as my best wishes to you and your crew.

I have had a chance to read up on your First Contact with the Kit - my congratulations on you and your crew handling that so well, all things considered. Your more recent mission however, is under a security clearance higher than I can provide, and I doubt I have enough favours at Starfleet Command to call in to see it. I hope everything is all right, mess or not?

The new ship, by the way, is an Obena-class starship; a good multi-role starship, so I expect we’ll be having more front-line exploration missions as well as more diplomatic assignments in our future. While I will miss the pure science focus of my old command, I am ready to start pushing into deep space again. The name is currently up in the air, but I might call in some of those few favours…

All my best to you and your crew; and I hope we can serve together again sometime soon.

Yours Sincerely,

CAPT Alyx J. Derenzis
(Awaiting Assignment)

TO Derenzis, Alyx
FROM Sel, Zaliel

Dear Alyx,
I am devastated to hear of the Shackleton’s loss. I’m glad you and your crew made it out alright.

Tell Mondet I said hello and I’m sure Lauren would love to hear from Voyrays. Good luck to your officers who are moving on. That you’re getting another vintage-style ship doesn’t surprise me; Obenas certainly carry all the majesty of the Excelsior; I know you’ll do great, even if the mission profile has changed. Of course, if you need a job, I have a Lieutenant’s Science Officer position available!

Back to Al: he’s doing well. His marriage added another member and his new son, Francis, was born recently—if you remember the manic message I left you a while back. I gave him some decorations for the nursery (pictures attached). That reminds me: do you need another albatross? I’m not superstitious, but a ship loss with no casualties? That’s typical albatross magic, so I’m told.

We’ve had some weird missions lately—like stumbling across a 21 century nut job who was cloning himself and tried to take Amanda—did I tell you about my old roommate?—for his bride. I’ll attach the wanted notice, too. Right now, we’re parked at Starbase 123 for engine and spaceframe repairs (we pushed the engines pretty hard recently). Lauren says a freaking month in dock.

I’m already getting so bored!

With Tea, Sympathy, and Funnel Fries,

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