Vance, Kassandra

Vance, Kassandra

Kassandra Vance, c. 2421

Rank Position Service #
Lieutenant-Commander Chief Science Officer, U.S.S. Brahe RQ-176-9442-KMV


Species Pronouns Date of Birth Place of Birth
Human She/Her 68499.1 (July 2, 2391) Vancouver, British Columbia, Earth
Height Weight Hair Eye
1.70 m 65.5 kg Brown Blue

Immediate Family

Relation Name Occupation
Father Simon Vance Gym Manager
Mother Nichelle Vance nee Conrad Singer/Songwriter
Sibling Benjamin Vance Librarian

Career Milestones

Year Milestone
2413 Graduated Starfleet Academy, assigned to U.S.S. Iqaluit (California Class, NCC-89336) as Ensign.
2415 Promoted to Lieutenant (Junior Grade).
2417 Promoted to Lieutenant. Transferred to U.S.S. Courage (Intrepid class, NCC-78053).
2420 Promoted to Lieutenant-Commander.
2421 Transferred to U.S.S. Brahe as Chief Science Officer.

Biographical Highlights

Born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Earth. Kass’ interest in astronomy and space led her to Starfleet against the wishes of her parents (she enlisted in 2409, while tensions between the Klingon Empire, the Romulan Free State, and the Federation were high). Her early career after graduation saw her posted on the U.S.S. Iqaluit (California Class) for four years. Kass got her promotion to full Lieutenant in 2417, and transferred to the Intrepid-Class U.S.S. Courage later that year. During her service on the Courage, she conducted studies of stars at various stages of stellar evolution, from protostars to white dwarfs. She took the Bridge Officer’s Test in November 2420, and was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander, with another transfer to the Brahe following a month’s shore leave.

Kass tends to be fairly outgoing and friendly, making new friends easily. As a science officer, her specialties are in Astrophysics, with a focus on Stellar Dynamics and Evolution. She is not the most creative of officers, but excels at being able to dredge up information from both sensors and library reference to make sense of strange phenomena. Outside of her work, she spends a lot of time in the gym and on the holodeck, physically training and practicing taekwondo - in the latter she currently holds the brown belt.

On away missions, she tends to leap before she looks, especially if a teammate is in danger (real or perceived), though this habit has slowly begun to wane as she adapts to the new responsibilities of her rank. She obeys orders with a minimum of fuss; she respects superior officers unless given good reason not to (such as gross breach of trust). She is more brash in social settings, and has little problem with taking a higher ranking officer or higher-status official down a peg or two (either verbally or through some contest) if in her judgement said person has earned the puncturing and if said puncturing does not conflict with Starfleet Regulations.

Selected Scientific Papers

  • Vance, K. M. (2420) “Relationship between Age and Stellar Metallicity in the Tendaras Cluster”, Starfleet Journal of Astrophysics, 272(22), pp. 29-33.
  • Terak and Vance, K. M. (2419) “Anomalous Atmospheric Structure of Supermassive Class K planets in LTT 3780.”, Journal of Starfleet Planetology , 258(41), pp. 55-60.
  • Terak and Vance, K. M. (2417) “Analysis of Artificial Planet in Arbazan Sector”, Journal of Starfleet Planetology, 258(6), pp. 11-24.
  • Vance, K. M. (2416) “Towards Improved Detection Methods of Subspace Sinkhole Formation”, Starfleet Journal of Astrophysics , 269(2), pp. 31-37.
  • Vance, K, M. (2413) The Beginning and the End: Predicting a Star’s Evolution Through Protostar Observations , Bachelors’s Dissertation, Starfleet Academy.

Medical Status

Physical Health Assessment
Status OK for active duty
Date of Last Evaluation 97921.8 (Dec 3, 2420)
Evaluator Dr. Sivak, Chief Medical Officer, USS Courage
Mental Health Assessment
Status OK for active duty
Date of Last Evaluation 97927.3 (Dec 5, 2420)
Evaluator Counselor Ras th’Tynner, USS Courage

Star Trek Adventures Character Sheet

Control 8 Fitness 12 Presence 9
Daring 9 Insight 8 Reason 10
Command 2 Security 3 Science 5
Conn 2 Engineering 3 Medicine 1
Focuses (Max. 6)
Martial Arts Strength Training Astrophysics Computers Xenoarcheology Diplomatic Negotation
Resolute You are indomitable, and unwilling to succumb to adversity. Maximum Stress increased by 3.
Mean Right Hook Your Unarmed Strike attack has the Vicious 1 damage effect.
Bold: Science When you attempt a task with Science, and you buy one or more d20s by adding to Threat, you may re-roll a single d20.
Expedition Expert Prior to participating in an away team mission, your character may prepare by performing a research Task. If you succeed, you may spend Momentum to allow your character to substitute your Science discipline in place of any other, during any Task to navigate or traverse difficult terrain during the mission. Each point of Momentum spent from the research Task in this way allows for one such substitution.


Values describe the attitudes, beliefs, and convictions of that character. These are not simple opinions, but the fundamental structure of the character’s morals, ethics, and behavior.

Coming up with Values can be difficult. A guide to writing them can be found in this Star Trek: Adventures Developers Blog entry. Values are discussed in detail on page 113 of the Core Rule Book.

Values Description
I Don’t Let Anyone Define or Confine Me. Kass is wary of any authority that oversteps its bounds, and will resist, violently if need be, any attempts to contain or manipulate her.
Our First Duty is to the Truth. As a scientist, a Starfleet Officer, and a sentient being, Kass respects honesty and tries to be honest in turn.
When Conventional Research Fails to Provide Answers, Go Unconventional. Kass is a competent researcher, but has come to recognize that sometimes her instruments and references will not be enough to solve a problem. In such circumstances, she is more willing to take risks with herself and her equipment to get the answers she needs.
Family is Not Limited to Blood. Kass considers her friends and crewmates to be her family in many ways; and can be fiercely protective of them.

Maximum Stress: 18


Weapons and other forms of attack, as well as the damage caused by hazards, have a few common traits and values that determine the specifics of how they function. The key
elements of a weapon are what type of weapon it is, its damage rating, the size of the weapon, and any Qualities it possesses that influence how it is used.

Weapons are discussed in detail on page 192 of the Core Rule Book. Additionally, you can find a table of weapons on page 193.

Name Damage Rating / Effects Type Size Qualities Cost
Type 2 Phaser 6 Ranged 1H Charge Standard Issue
Unarmed Strike 4 Knockdown, Vicious 1 Melee 1H Non-lethal -
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