Zolwink, Wimini

Zolwink, Wimini

Wimini Zolwink, c. 2420

Rank Position Service #
Lieutenant Commander Chief Engineer, USS Brahe RZ-667-9733 QRN


Species Pronouns Date of Birth Place of Birth
E’mong She/Her 18706.5 (Sep 15, 2341) Aktier V
Height Weight Hair Eye
1.21 m 28 kg Red Blue

Career Milestones

Year Milestone
2362 Graduated Starfleet Academy, Engineering Track (Warp Theory, Propulsion, and Starship Design)
Intermediary Postings
Year Posting
2362 Assigned USS Al-Khwārizmī, Ensign, 6-year deep space assignment
2368 Assigned USS Copenhagen
2370 Assigned USS Charles de Gaulle
2372 Assigned USS St Andrew
2373 Assigned USS Moldovia
2374 Assigned USS Spain
2374 Assigned Starbase 21
2374 Assigned USS Anatoly Filipchenko
2375 Assigned USS Jefferson
2375 Assigned USS Mulcahy, Promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade
2376 Assigned USS Apianus
2376 Assigned USS Lisa Nowak
2377 Assigned USS Houlihan
2377 Assigned USS Singularity
2377 Assigned USS Vermont
2378 Assigned USS Leo de Ball
2378 Assigned USS Charles
2378 Assigned USS Trapper
2378 Assigned USS Oppenheimer
2379 Assigned USS Ozymandias
2379 Assigned Deep Space 3
2379 Assigned USS Caregie
2380 Assigned USS Istanbull
2380 Assigned USS Constant Warwick
2380 Assigned USS Prince Royal
2380 Assigned USS Susan Helms
2381 Assigned USS London
2381 Assigned USS St Paul
2382 Assigned USS Abu Al-Hasan
2382 Assigned USS Franklin
2382 Assigned USS Guilder de Ruyter
2383 Assigned USS Yamato
2383 Assigned USS Virginia
2384 Assigned Starfleet Orbital Control, Tycho City, Luna
2384 Assigned USS Maria Sancta
2384 Assigned USS Wendy Lawrence
2384 Assigned USS McCallister
2384 Assigned USS Aryabhata
2385 Assigned USS Bonaventure
2386 Assigned USS Blake
2386 Assigned USS New York
2387 Assigned USS Chaplin
2387 Assigned USS William C. McCool
2387 Assigned USS T’Rile
2387 Assigned USS Manhattan
2387 Assigned Starbase Gamma-17
2388 Assigned USS James Dutton
2388 Assigned USS Seven Oaks
2389 Assigned USS Fargo, Promoted to Lieutenant
2390 Assigned USS Einstein
2391 Assigned USS Dartmouth
2392 Assigned USS Bismark
2392 Assigned Starbase 27
2393 Assigned USS Hornet
2393 Assigned USS Hood
2394 Assigned USS Mars
2394 Assigned USS Potter
2394 Assigned USS Bond
2394 Assigned USS Kiev
2394 Assigned USS Hawkeye
2394 Assigned USS Ohio
2394 Assigned USS Hope
2395 Assigned USS Golden Lion
2396 Assigned USS Arromanches
2396 Assigned USS Yuri Gagarin
2396 Assigned Memory Alpha
2397 Assigned USS St Patrick
2397 Assigned USS North Carolina
2397 Assigned USS Ibrahim Ibn Sinan
2397 Assigned USS Prince
2398 Assigned USS Delfe
2398 Assigned USS New Hampshire
2398 Assigned USS Zealand
2398 Assigned USS North Star
2399 Assigned USS Alda
2399 Assigned USS West Friesland
Year Milestone
2399 Assigned USS Brahe as Chief Engineer, Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
2418 Transferred to 38th Fleet ‘Argo’
2419 Transferred Delta Alliance Exploratory Initiative
2420 Missing, Presumed Deceased


Starfleet Academy Graduation Award | Dominion War Service Medal | Starfleet Cross | UFP Medal of Honor | Klingon Boarder Police Action Medal | Zefram Cochrane Medal of Excellence x16

Biographical Highlights

Wimini Zolwink is one of fifteen siblings, heralding from the industrious planet Aktier V. Her people, the E’mong, typically stand below 1.5 meters, are quick-witted, and long-lived. While few of her people venture from the mega-city that is their world, Wimini chose to leave her home to pursue engineering in the Federation. Graduating from Starfleet Academy in 2362, Wimini joined Starfleet in an age of peace and prosperity which has yet to be matched. Although she enjoyed some initial successes in the Academy, instructors at the time noted that Wimini often rejected what she deemed “busy work” and often overworked in the pursuit of automation a minor task.

After her initial posting nearly ended in disaster, Wimini bounced from ship to station, often times being transferred within only a few months of her arrival. In some cases, these transfers were made at Wimini’s request; however, most were intended to move an undesirable officer. Wimini’s advancements often came from moments of ingenuity or heroism, where her stubbornness was an asset. A total account of Wimini’s faux pas, diatribes, insults, and unfiltered opinions would be difficult to codify, let alone be believed. Regardless, Commander Zolwink has made the Brahe her longest-held post to date. Whether she can maintain it is questionable.

Engineering Contribution Notations

LCDR Zolwink has made over 200 individual, complete engineering submissions to Starfleet ranging from micro-circuitry to starship designs. Though few of her over all inventions see production, improvements to existing platforms have been gleaned from the deluge.

Immediate Family

None provided.

Medical History

Physical Health Assessment
Status MIA
Date of Last Evaluation 2419
Evaluator Victor Castillo, Chief Medical Officer (former), USS Brahe
Mental Health Assessment
Status MIA
Date of Last Evaluation 2419
Evaluator Victor Castillo, Chief Medical Officer (former), USS Brahe