Boundless and Bare - After Action Report


Stardate (98730.5) Level 1 LTJG Jefferson, Horace

Location: O’galian IV

Mission Briefing: Enter abandoned museum; locate information regarding fall of O’galian species and society

Mission Summary: Successful data retrieval, unintended conflict with local automated defenses.

Involved Vessels

Vessel Faction
USS Brahe Starfleet

Involved Personnel

Rank Name Station
LCDR Vance, Kass Chief Science Officer, Mission Leader
LT Lauren, Lauren Chief Engineer
LTJG Jefferson, Horace Chief Security Officer
LTJG Kellye, Michael Nurse
LTJG Lovet, Salek Chief Operations Officer
ENS K’mnzi, Parsa Specialist
CREW K’mnzi, Tri’a Specialist

Mission Outcome

The away team beamed to the rooftop of what we would learn was the “Tolinkli Museum of Wonders”. After Lauren and Lovet attempted to reactivate a 2D monitor on the roof level, the away team descended into the museum. Once inside, LCDR Vance placed an Artificial Reality device located in this museum during a prior away mission. Nurse Kellye was on hand to monitor any complications which may have arisen from the use of the device, which was native to O’galian IV.

Fortunately, Commander Vance’s attempt was successful and she gained an insight into the objects within the museum. Using the AR device’s interface, she was able to observe information invisible to the rest of the away team.

At about this time, both K’mnzi crew members departed to follow a large, spider-like robot which appeared to be performing cleaning duties. With Commander Vance’s permission, they were allowed to tail the robot to determine where it went and if there were other machines like it in the facility.

Following the directions given in the AR device, Command Vance led us to a Modern History exhibit which contained a number of robots, some designed for ecological restoration while others were designed for war. The former types of machines were designed by NiCorp (which also appeared to sponsor this wing of the museum) while the latter were made by Higranz Industries. The warm machines in particular were several meters tall and appeared to contain several weapon mounts, though none appeared to be armed at the time of mission.

Although the Modern History exhibit showed information relevant to our interests, it seemed to be incomplete. Following scans made by Lauren’s tricorder, the away team moved to a subterranean portion of the museum.

We encountered a locked door which appeared to be the entrance to the data center. Fortunately, Tri’a and Parsa were inside the wall on the other side of the door and were able to exit and open the mechanical locking mechanism without incident. We then proceeded into the room. Lauren then used a portable fusion reactor to repower the entire museum, which allowed Commander Vance to interface with the museum’s systems.

There, she learned a number of other robots were part of the facility–Tri’a and Parsa confirmed this, as their short adventure through the walls allowed them to encounter additional machines in a room not accessible by normal means. About thirty total machines were present in total.

Initial impressions on the Brahe’s arrival suggested the planet had suffered a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) event at some time in the society’s history; however, a combination of records retrieved from the computer system and further investigation in the museum would determine that this was only a contributing factor to civilization’s collapse.

Toward the end of our stay in the server room, another spider-like machine entered. It addressed Commander Vance as “Head Curator Kraz”. The Commander then identified herself as Kraz and the machine then took commands from her. We would find this behavior consistent throughout the rest of our away mission–with one notable exception. The machine also identified the AR devices as an UpLink. The machine retrieved “replacement” UpLinks so the away team would be in compliance with museum guidelines, which required all persons. The machine also inaccurately identified the Kit as the away team’s “Service Animals”.

Prior to departing the data center, Command Vance made one more attempt to retrieve information from the logs. Final communications stored in the museum’s database showed that the planet was later overwhelmed by rogue robotic systems that were able to repair, refuel, and replicate by consuming organic matter. Alarmed by what she learned, the Commander contact the Brahe and warned them to avoid any active robots they find. Further, the Commander informed them that the machines regenerate by harvesting biomaterial.

The away team then entered the Coronal Mass Ejection exhibit. We review the educational material in the room before encountering Lieutenant Lovet, who had found a disabled spider-robot. However, he had not been issued a UpLink. At this time, a limping spdier-bot appeared and instructed Lovet to leave the area. Without giving the Lieutenant much time to react, the machine then attacked Lovet. Commander Vance attempted to order the machine to stop, but it did not recognize the Commander’s authority.

The away team attempted to subdue the machine, with Commander Vance’s shot successful in disabling the machine. Lieutenant Lovet had been injured during the conflict and the entire away team beamed to Sickbay.


  • Away teams returning to the surface of O’galian IV need to be armed and accompanied by security personnel who are solely focused on maintaining the safety of the away team
  • The away team generally showed poor phaser scoring during the encounter; additional training is recommended for all parties concerned

Report Security Clearance Guide

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