Report Security Clearance


All reports are given a Security Clearance. A clearance determines who may access

Level Description
Level 0 Public Access. Anything recorded with this security clearance is publicly accessible. Many scientific publications fall under this heading.
Level 1 This is the minimum clearance granted to all Starfleet personnel. Anyone can query and retrieve the contents of reports filed under this clearance.
Level 2 Internal report specific to a ship or installation. Typically, anyone assigned to a facility may retrieve the contents of this report.
Level 3 Restricted to Senior Officers and their administrative staff, reports in this category contain sensitive information which should not circulate among a ship or installation.
Level 4 This level is restricted to Commanding Officers, Executive Officers and personnel whose duties expressly require the information.
Level 5 Commanding Officers - information of this classification may be shared among other commanding officers, such as a report outlining a dangerous systems flaw or a region of space to avoid due to classified activities.