The Surprise - After Action Report


Stardate 98790.4 Level 2 CREW K’mnzi, Tri’a, Exchange Officer, USS Brahe

Location: O’galian IV

Mission Briefing: Find missing away team members on planet surface.

Mission Summary: Failure: away team killed by robots

Involved Vessels

Vessel Faction
USS Brahe Starfleet

Involved Personnel

Rank Name Station
LCDR Vance, Kassandra CSO, USS Brahe
LTJR Jefferson, Horace Chief of Security, USS Brahe
ENS Frakes, Lennard Science Officer, USS Brahe (deceased)
CREW K’mnzi, Tri’a Exchange Officer, USS Brahe
CREW Heart, Erin Science Technician, USS Brahe (deceased)
CREW Michelson, Holly Science Technician, USS Brahe (deceased)

Mission Outcome

Commander Vance, Lieutenant Jefferson, and I beamed to the campsite at the Captain’s demand to find a team who failed to check in.

We followed their scent through a field of tall grass and encountered several machines which did not attack us. Commander Vance recognized them from an earlier trip to a museum; they were designed to help restore the environment. They did not attack us, so we continued to to track the survey team.

The scent took us to a tunnel. Commander Vance told the Brahe we would investigate. We did not know, but the tunnel blocked communications. In the tunnel, we found an ancient battleground. There were many skeletons and broken machines leading to a large, circular door.

We entered snd found the remains of an ancient underground nursery, including large vats the Commander said grew people. Deeper in, we saw play areas and bunks the children used. There were also murals and drawings the inhabitants must have made.

We followed the corridors until we found a large room with a huge machine. It had many thick, powerful, metal legs it had used to burrow underground. We think it was trying to reach the nursery when it stopped worked. This is the room we found the survey team. They were alive and taking samples.

I did not pay much attention to the conversation, but observed Commander Vance was worried. We were all very tense and the slightest sense was enough to make us jump. I held my nah’hala tightly, but did not think it would be much use against the machine.

Then something happened and one of the crewmen was gone. The machine came to life and started attacking. We all rushed for the door—I made it first and turned to see the last two survey members disappear. I thought at first it was a transporter beam but it wasn’t and then I saw the machine aim its weapons at Commander Vance. I rushed for her yelling and we collided but escaped the attack.

It was a blur at that point. We escaped but thought we lost Lieutenant Jefferson in the big room. We hurried down the tunnel back the way we came. When we came out, the machine attacked us again. We held off until Lieutenant Jefferson, then the Brahe appeared and helped destroy the machine.

We were beamed to the ship soon after.


This planet is dangerous, with machines that can tear people apart as easily as I might kill a Nmt’z—easier, perhaps. We should not go back there.


The survey crew were killed while doing their matron’s bidding. There is no higher calling, among the Kit. Maybe it is so with your people, too?

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