General Content Guidelines


This website and our Discord server are governed by a set of content rules that all members are expected to follow. Please pay close attention to this article as failing to do so may result in coaching, timeouts, or outright bans.

This content guide is not intended to be comprehensive. Moderators may remove content deemed inappropriate at any time, without notice.


We require that all content, regardless whether it is posted on the website or Discord server, generally not exceed PG-13. No Not Safe For Work (NSFW) content is permitted, ever.

If you must drop strong language, consider placing it inside spoilers.


This section contains information specific to the Discord Server.

RP Etiquette

  • Start new RP with a description when the RP takes place, Star/Calendar date or relative to events like

    • RP takes place on Stardate 24601
    • RP takes place right after event name
    • RP takes place during #some-event-channel-name
  • Remember to end your RP with END so others know you’re done with a public channel

  • All channels outside the OOC CHANNELS category is considered In Character

  • RP in USS BRAHE channels is considered public; drop-ins are allowed but should not be disruptive (when in doubt, ask permission in general)

  • Crew Channels are private RP GM’d by the channel owner

  • Use of Tupperbox (more below) is encouraged (especially if your character name does not match your Discord alias or when playing multiple characters)

  • RP performed in locked or private channels requires permission of all participants prior to disclosing the contents of that RP

  • Threads can be used when RP breaks away inside an event, but try to make sure the timing between the breakout-threads and main story is consistent


Role Name Description
@Brahe Crew Players with characters active in the Brahe story.
@Special Guest Star Semi-regular players whose characters may not be on the Brahe.
@Friends & Family Non-RP members who have been invited to the server for various reasons.
@Senior Officer A sub-role of @Brahe Crew whose players have a character occupying a Senior Officer position on the Brahe. This role is used to make it easier when calling Senior Officer meetings and does not impart any special privilege over other users.
@Bots A role reserved for channel-specific tools, such as Tupperbox.


Players are encouraged to use Tupperbox when role-playing in the Discord server as it promotes consistency between posts and allows users to set their Server Nickname to something appropriate, like a “preferred” name. You can learn how to use Tupperbox with our Tupperbox Usage Guide.

  • Tupperbox is required for players managing multiple characters except when running event (as a Tupper for each NPC would be excessive)

  • Players should use the #bot-spam channel or DM Tupperbox#4754

  • Players are not permitted to duplicate the Tupper of another character

Channels You Should Probably Mute

It is recommended users mute the following channels, as they tend to produce a lot of bot-produced spam.

Channel Purpose Mute it Because
tupperbox-log Log of all posts made by Tupperbox and their related user information. Every post someone makes with a Tupper will appear in this channel, which means nearly all RP is duplicated here.
bot-spam For spamming commands used by bots, such as Tupperbox. A lot of commands are posted here all the time. You probably don’t want to get a notification anytime someone plays a song or updates their Tupper.

Voice Channels

Channel Name Description
general-voice-channel available for anyone to use; please be respectful and do not engage in disruptive behavior while someone is streaming; if more voice channels are required, ask someone with the @Staff role.
music voice channel uses GreenBot to play audio. Use !p <search or link> in the #bot-spam channel to play a song!