Tupperbox Usage Guide


Tupperbox is a Discord bot which allows users to post as different characters (tuppers). This enhances roleplay by providing a basic framework for participating as one or more characters with the character’s name and portrait where the user’s would normally appear.

This page provides a walk through of using Tupperbox and some of the more common commands. This document assumes Tupperbox is already loaded on your server and working as expected. The Brahe Discord Server supports Tupperbox in any channel where the image
appears in the member list. Note that if Tupperbox is offline (this is rare), tuppers cannot be used.


Brahe has identified some key rules with regard to Tupperbox. Please be mindful of these concerns before using tuppers.

  • Only create tuppers for your characters
  • Never reproduce the tupper of another user (this is a serious infraction)
  • Do not create tuppers with inappropriate tags or pictures
  • Moderators reserve the right to
    • remove any tupper post which is deemed inappropriate
    • deny continued use of a tupper on the server

Example Conversation

The following posts were made entirely with Tupperbox by the same user:

Quick Start

Here is a quick rundown of the common commands and their usage. If you want more detailed explanations of each command, continue reading the guide.

What it Does Syntax Example
Get list of all commands tul!help
Create a new tupper tul!register "Tag Name"[shortcut]text tul!register "John Doe(LCDR-SEC)"[John]text
Set a tupper’s picture tul!avatar "Tag" <url> tul!avatar "John Doe(LCDR-SEC)" https://imgur.com/Pg0A1ci.png
List all of your tuppers tul!list



The tul!help command will produce a detailed list of all commands. Typing a command and pressing enter without any values produces the help for that command.



Registering Tuppers

The first step to creating a tupper is registering it. The following is the basic command syntax:


tul!register "Tag Name"[shortcut]text
Component Definition
tul!register This is the register command. All tupperbox commands begin with tul!
"Tag Name" The tupper’s tag; the text that appears at the top of the post. Replace it with your character’s name; optionally add rank and department in (RANK-DEPT) format
[shortcut] Something easy to reference when you want to post as your character such as [Bill] or [Jane]; brackets must always be used
text part of the tul!register command, the phrase text must always follow the shortcut


A successful application of this command produces the phrase: Tupper registered!


# Create the John Doe charcter
tul!register "John Doe(LCDR-SEC)"[John]text

# Create the Jane Doe character
tul!register "Jane Doe(CAPT-USS Annon)"[Jane]text

Adding Character Portraits (Avatars)

A tupperbox may have a picture unique to the character. Tuppers without portraits will have the image
image assigned to them automatically.


tul!avatar shortcut https://url.to.image/file.png
Component Definition
tul!avatar The “avatar” command which changes the tupper’s portrait
shortcut The text used to post as the tupper
https://url.to.image/file.png A valid URL pointing to an image file


A successful application of this command produces the phrase: Avatar changed successfully


# set the John Doe tupper's tag
tul!avatar John https://imgur.com/Pg0A1ci.png

Posting as a Tupper

Users can post as a tupper by referencing the shortcut they indicated when running the original tul!register command.


# register a new tupper with the tag "Tiffany Fanee (CREW-ENG)" with a shortcut of "[Tiff]"
tul!register "Tiffany Fanee (CREW-ENG)"[Tiff]text

# call the Tiffany Fanee tupper
[Tiff] "Hello There!"


Changing a Tupper’s Tag

In some cases, you may wish to change the information in a tupper. Marriage, promotion, or department changes are examples which may require the tupper to be updated.


tul!tag "Old Tag" "New Tag"
Component Definition
tul!tag Command to change the tag
"Old Tag" The tag to change
"New Tag" The value of the tag after the command is run


A successful output to this command is the phrase: Tag updated successfully


In this case, let’s promote Chief Petty Officer Lauren Lauren to Lieutenant:

# first, change the tag to represent the promotion
tul!tag Lauren "Lauren (LT-Chef Engineer)"

# second, change the avatar to reflect the new uniform and rank
tul!avatar Lauren https://i.imgur.com/ZN2R6Xp.png


Edit a Tupper Post

React using the :memo: emote or reply to the message and place tul!edit followed by the new message. Note that edits using tul!edit should not include the Tupper’s name.

Delete a Post

React to the message with an :x:.

List all Tuppers for User

Retrieves a list of all tuppers for the given user account. If no user is provided, the current user’s tuppers will be displayed.


# get current user's tuppers

# get another user's tuppers
tul!list @someone

Tag Conventions

The current convention is to place certain pieces of useful information inside a tupper’s tag. The current model is:

## Syntax

## Examples
Zaliel Sel (CAPT, USS Brahe)

Lauren Lauren (LT-Chief Engineer, USS Brahe)

Tiffany Fanee (CREW-ENG, USS Brahe)

Robert Robertson (LT-SEC, USS Brahe)

The Tupperlog

Brahe operates a channel called #tupperbox-log where all tupper posts are placed so users can easily see the account which posted as a tupper. The following is an example of a log entry:


Users are advised to mute the tupperbox log channel.