The Lost Years

This is a meta post of a series of short stories called “The Lost Years”, exploring the lives of Brahe characters before their life on the ship.

Anyone is welcome to update this meta post with their story.

Title Author Summary
The Tattle Tale @zaliel.sel Growing up in the tunnels under the Lunar surface can be drab When Lauren gets a chance to see the surface, she takes it…even if she doesn’t like who she has to help in the process.
Welcome Aboard, Now Shut Up & Listen @zaliel.sel Commander Zolwink welcomes a new crewman aboard and tells them a bit about her past.
This Twins and I @zaliel.sel Amanda Weber and Zaliel Sel are best friends living together in San Fransisco. But when both conspire to help the other, things go wrong and their friendship will never be the same.
Oh Horace, Where Art Thou? @zaliel.sel A young Horace goes into the woods and finds more than he expected.