Lovet, Salek

Lovet, Salek

Salek Lovet, c. 2421

Rank Position Service #
Lieutenant Operations Officer, USS Brahe AS-087-8470-CII


Species Pronouns Date of Birth Place of Birth
Vulcan He/Him 70667.2 (2393-09-01) Vulcan
Height Weight Hair Eye
1.9558m 106.5kg Black Green

Career Milestones

2411 Enrolled Starfleet Academy
2415 Graduated Starfleet Academy with rank of Ensign
2415 Assigned to Jupiter Station
2417 Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
2419 Promoted to Lieutenant and transferred to USS Brahe
2420 Change of MOS to Operations

Biographical Highlights

Salek’s childhood was not the traditional Vulcan upbringing. When he as young (6) he and his parents were in a shuttle accident. Both parents were killed and Salek was severely injured. Upon his recovery he was given tothe custody of Vestra and Alos Lovet. The Lovets were family friends of Salek’s parents and agreed to take him in as he had no other family. They raised Salek on their homeworld of Betazed. During his childhood, Salek abandoned the teachings of Sarek and began working with his emotions as guided by his family and teachers on Betazed.

During his time at Starfleet Academy, Salek showed an aptitude for the sciences especially programming and physics. He has advanced certifications in both. His physics training focused on gravitational theory and alternate energy sources. Salek also showed advanced communication skills.

After graduation he was transferred to Jupiter Station where he assisted with various tasks. His performance reviews showed him to be a capable and personable officer able to work in varied company and assist with varied tasks. He served on Jupiter Station for a few years before transferring to his current posting, USS Brahe.

Immediate Family

Relation Name Occupation Notes
Maternal V’las Musician & Singer Deceased
Paternal Satuk Scientist Deceased
Maternal, Foster Dr. Vestra Lovet Psychiatrist
Paternal, Foster Alos Lovet Comedian
Sister, Foster Dr. Luarana Lovet Cadet, Starfleet Academy
Daughter, Photonic Ash Lovet Crewman, USS Brahe

Medical Status

Physical Health Assessment
Status OK for active duty
Date of Last Evaluation 2421
Evaluator Dr. Tobius Holiday, Medical Officer, USS Brahe
Mental Health Assessment
Status OK for active duty
Date of Last Evaluation 2421
Evaluator Counselor Jove Wright, USS Brahe

Star Trek Adventures Character Sheet


Attributes embody the character’s intrinsic physical and mental capabilities, when compared across species, and the ways they prefer to approach problems.

Attributes are discussed in detail on page 95 of the Core Rule Book.

Control 11 Fitness 9 Presence 7
Daring 8 Insight 9 Reason 12


Each character is trained in six Disciplines, which encompass the broad roles that Starfleet officers are expected to be proficient within.

Disciplines are discussed in detail on page 97 of the Core Rule Book.

Command 2 Security 2 Science 4
Conn 1 Engineering 5 Medicine 2


Focuses allow a character to demonstrate talent for a narrower set of disciplines, representing specialization and the kind of expertise that comes from deeper study and practical experiences.

Focuses are discussed in detail on page 100 of the Core Rule Book.


Computers Photonic Development Power Systems
Inventing Experimental Technology Mental Discipline


Talents are additional benefits that a character possesses, that define areas of specialty, the advantages of their personal approach to circumstances, and other decisive abilities.

Talents are discussed in detail on page 135 of the Core Rule Book.

Talents Description
Mind Meld You have undergone training in telepathic techniques that allow the melding of minds through physical contact. This will always require a Task with a Difficulty of at least 1, which can be opposed by an unwilling participant. If successful, you link minds with the participant, sharing thoughts and memories; Momentum may be spent to gain more information, or perform deeper telepathic exchanges. This link goes both ways, and it is a tiring and potentially hazardous process for you. Complications can result in pain, disorientation, or lingering emotional or behavioral difficulties.
Computer Expertise Whenever you attempt a Task that involves the programming or study of a computer system, you may add a bonus d20 to your pool.
Lab Rat The character prefers to spend most of their free time engaged in various side projects and experiments. Because of this, they are extremely familiar with the equipment and capabilities of the labs on board their ship. When attempting an Extended Task while using a laboratory, the character gains the Progression 1 Effect.
Technical Expertise Whenever you attempt a Task assisted by the ship’s Computers or Sensors, you may re-roll one d20 (which may be the ship’s die).


Values describe the attitudes, beliefs, and convictions of that character. These are not simple opinions, but the fundamental structure of the character’s morals, ethics, and behavior.

Coming up with Values can be difficult. A guide to writing them can be found in this Star Trek: Adventures Developers Blog entry. Values are discussed in detail on page 113 of the Core Rule Book.

Values Description
Always alone or the universe will kill those I love. Salek is under the delusion that the universe is actively trying to harm those he cares for. He keeps distance between himself and others for this reason.
ASH is everything and everything for…her. ASH is the only one Salek allows to get close to him. He will do anything to protect his ‘daughter.’ Both for her and her ‘mother’s’ sake.
Others First Salek will attempt to overcome any obsticle to help those he cares for or those under his supervision.
There are always possibilities. Salek believes there are solutions to every problem. One just needs to work hard enough to find it.


Stress is the ability to respond to peril and avoid the worst of it. A character’s normal maximum Stress is equal to the total of the character’s Fitness and their Security Discipline.