The Character Roster

The Roster contains basic information about the characters on the Brahe. Anyone can update the Roster with their characters, but please do not modify someone else’s character information without their permission.

USS Brahe

Image Rank Position Name Species Pronouns Player
CAPT Commanding Officer Zaleil Sel Trill She/Her @zaliel.sel
CMDR Executive Officer Thomas Edward Theisman Human He/Him @Thiesman
LCDR Chief Science Officer Kassandra “Kass” Vance Human She/Her @Vance
LT Operations Officer Salek Lovet Vulcan He/Him @Salek
LTJG Nurse Michael Kellye Human He/Him @zaliel.sel
LTJG Chief Security Officer Horace Jefferson Human He/Him @zaliel.sel
ENS Flight Officer Rylon Bolian She/Her @zaliel.sel
ENS Engineer Zigun Noaheyi Bajorian She/Her @Siskofan
ENS Exchange Crewman (Engineering) Tri’a K’mnzi Kit She/Her @zaliel.sel
ENS Exchange Officer (Science) Sa’Ren Sk’llian Kit He/Him @Thiesman
CREW Laboratory Assistant ASH Lovet Hologram (Human) She/Her @Salek
Civilian Colonial Consultant Mallikarjuna-Rakesh “Marc” Pradhan Human He/Him @zaliel.sel

Inactive Characters

Inactive characters are no longer played, or have not participated in Brahe RP for several months. As a result, they no longer hold their position or title, but the character may be introduced at a later day if the player returns.

Image Rank Position Name Species Pronouns Player
LTJG Chief Medical Officer Jani Zedd Riox Trill She/Her @Colliwog
LT Counselor Jove Wright Human He/Him @jove
LCDR (reserve) Lawyer Nicholas Wright Human He/Him @jove
ENS Exchange Officer (Science) Parsa K’mnzi Kit She/Her @jove


The following are used to generate character portraits. Other means are fine, as long as you have permission to use the artwork in question. The standard size is 500x500px.

Retired Characters

These characters are no longer an active part of the RP. They might still show up from time to time, but no longer serve on the Brahe.

Image Rank Position Name Species Pronouns Player
LT Chief Engineer Lauren Lauren Human She/Her @zaliel.sel